One to One Program


By beginning the Spiritual One-to-One you embark on a journey of discovery and wonder. This is your journey; no one can make the trip for you. I can only act as a guide offering direction and feedback. Each one-to-one adventure has it’s own unique destination. I hope to help you reach the spiritual goal and mock-up of your dreams, and I encourage you to strive for no less.

At its core the one-to-one offers the opportunity to:

  • Get free of spiritual controls
  • Get everyone out of your space
  • Learn to create as a spirit
  • Know your own path; past and future
  • Learn about your body
  • Learn to take your information with you when you die
  • Explore the astral
  • Know yourself
  • Have a psychic adventure

Prerequisite: This is a post-graduate program and requires completion of a Clairvoyant Training Program, plus additional requirements. There is an interview process to begin the One To One. Please contact Cody to discuss your interest.


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Product Description

Your personal goals and mock-ups for your one-to-one experience are just as important to your success as the mock-up set forth by the one-to-one curriculum. I encourage you to work on and own your mock-ups and goals.

The one-to-one is a spiritual adventure to be experienced.


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