Clairvoyant meditation is an in-body meditation that teaches you, the spirit, to use the energy of the body in a way that creates validation, healing and miracles.  We use the sixth chakra of the body, also known as the "third eye", to see energy and mental images that affect what we experience and how we feel.  This is the beginning of psychic awareness, which means awareness of soul personality energy and how it expresses itself through the body.  These classes are taught in the energy of "psychic kindergarten", which means that all students participating can feel safe to be themselves, explore their natural abilities with the wonder of a child, learn about clairvoyance and feel free to ask questions, play, make mistakes, grow and have fun!  For more information, place click  HERE.



    The Chakra Healing and Spiritual Wellness Training is about healing and aligning your chakras to discover your wellness vibration and then re-creating your life with your spiritual wellness as the focus.

    This class series is designed and set up so that a person at any level of training can take it. For more information, please click HERE.


    The Clairvoyant Program is a year-long program full of adventure, growth, exploration and fun! It is designed to develop your clairvoyant ability to "see" energy while healing yourself.  Utilizing the techniques learned in Meditation 1 & 2 on a deeper level, you will learn about your spiritual body, including your aura, chakras and energy channels. You'll learn how to give and receive spirit to spirit communication. For more information, please click HERE.


    Graduate level training includes the TranceMedium, Hands On Healing and One To One Programs. Each of these takes place over the course of years.  For more information, place click HERE.

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