Cody Edner

Cody Edner is a truly special and intuitive teacher who has been practicing as a clairvoyant for 30 years. A force behind many spiritual training programs, and a teacher’s teacher, if you’ve been to a metaphysical school in California, Hawaii, Colorado or Chicago, it is likely that the teachers there trained with Cody.

He was a typical example of ‘an early Indigo’ child, with his clairvoyant career beginning as a teenager. Cody grew up in the foothills of California, where he worked with cattle and horses, and was able to be outdoors in tune with nature much of the time. His family was interested in the “far out” ideas of the 70’s and as an early teen, his aunt took him for a session with a palm reader. “I had a few readings from her before finally finding the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) which I knew was going to play a large part of my life” says Cody.

It was 1985 and he was enrolled in the program, when Lewis Bostwick, the charismatic founder of BPI, offered him a job as his Personal Assistant. As soon as he completed his training, Lewis had him teaching classes all before he turned 21. He became the Director of the Santa Rosa Psychic Institute a few years later and ran that Institute for six years. (BPI became popular during the 1970’s when people were learning about expanding their consciousness and breaking free from social conditioning. The ideas and tools put forth by Lewis Bostwick three decades ago were considered “very far out” at the time yet today we find this awareness prevalent in many contemporary teachings such as in Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now and the Law of Attraction, i.e. The Secret. The idea that everything is energy is at the center of the Bostwick teachings.)

Psychic learning is about personal growth steps that change the way you see the world. It gives tools to allow you to come into true alignment with yourself and create your life authentically so that  truth is reflected back in everything you do. In a career choice, there is nothing more exciting.

He brings to every class and healing a unique point of view that is liberally laced with humor, kindness and immense knowledge. He has a wonderful way of helping you to realize how special you are and is able to teach each of us that we don’t have to accept hurt and pain, we can wash it away and be restored to our original state. If you have been considering that you need to get in the presence of someone who really gets it and knows what he is doing, he is going to be a great teacher for you.

Cody currently lives high in the mountains of Colorado. He enjoys an active lifestyle practicing karate, hiking, climbing and snowboarding whenever time allows. An enthusiastic but incredibly grounded and stable person, Cody brings a very special spark of intuitive awareness to all that he is and all that he does.

You can find him offering classes, workshops and trainings in person or in our global classroom co-creating magic with all the participants; perhaps one of them will be you!

“Clairvoyance is a natural state of being’ explains Cody. “To be grounded with your metaphysical abilities is very important if you are going to put your gifts to good use.”

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