By Gary Townsend

(This is Gary’s self reflection and deep insight after one of Cody’s classes on healing.)

“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.”  ― Madeleine Albright

Choosing to give freely means that you have no expectation in return. In giving, we find our own healing or discover our own folly — which we can resist, become angry about, or embrace.

It is in each moment that we have choice and can create change. We can only affect change in present time, moment-by-moment, one at a time, again and again, until the future becomes the accumulated story of our lives. Intuitive Meditation helps you learn how to direct your attention to being in the moment and to benefit from that experience of living each moment as it unfolds and passes.

If the reality of that moment contains “something” that prevents us from being, discovering, or experiencing the moment and deprives us of choosing how to live that moment, then doesn’t it make sense to begin to look for that “something”?  Once recognized, that “something” can be reconciled, forgiven, or just accepted, in such a way that we can reunite ourselves in the present moment.

And what if that “something” was just an errant thought or someone else’s perspective? Are thoughts preventing you from participating in your own life or separating you from choosing how to live?  Are you living on automatic pilot or embracing distraction to avoid those thoughts?

Intuitive Meditation teaches you visual techniques that help you rediscover the amazing person that you are, recognize and let go of those thoughts that hinder you from being in the moment, and validate and love your own self once again.

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