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We are all spiritual beings having a human experience! When our Spirit and our bodies aren’t in affinity, then we can experience dis-ease physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When our Spiritual Essence is flowing openly and fully in present time, and integrated in our bodies, then we experience ease and flow in our lives.

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Our Spirit is the eternal part of us that has incarnated countless times in the earth plane. Each night, this part of us leaves the body and moves on the astral planes, having experiences that can leave energy imprints. Oftentimes, energy from past lives and our nocturnal travels can leave traces of energy that are not ours and effect our affinity with ourselves.

There are many reasons that energy flow can become either stuck or obstructed in some way: emotional upset, physical illness, stress, or spiritual issues we incarnated with from other lives. Sometimes, those of us who are naturally sensitive to our environments may have taken in energy from our environment or the people in our lives.

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