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All humans are spirit in a body, with physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Energy runs through our bodies in the  many different energy channels that comprise our spiritual anatomy. Our health, direction and effectiveness in live depends on our energetic alignment and our ability to run our own energy freely in the body.

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During an Intuitive Reading with Cody, your higher self, or spirit, will show him your energy in present time. With over 27 years of experience, Cody has a deep understanding of energy anatomy and is able to expertly interpret what he sees. With neutrality and levity.  he will tell you how much of your energy is in present time assisting you in creating what you want, versus how much is invested in patterns that are not in affinity with who you are and your path as Spirit.

Vision is the art of seeing the invisible  – Jonathan Swift

Often, hearing these insights from Cody creates powerful shifts.  Emotional, mental or physical pain, which is stuck or foreign energy in your space, often begins to dissolve during readings.  You may hear new information about yourself and your journey or receive confirmation of what you already knew.  Most of us are continuously exposed to judgements about how we should be or about how we are that impact our ability to accept ourselves fully. During a reading, you will receive a spirit to spirit communication, which awakens you to yourself as Spirit, and create the space for healing and growth in your life.

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