Chakra Healing and Spiritual Wellness Program

Chakra Healing and Spiritual Wellness Program is about healing and aligning your chakras to discover your wellness vibration and then re-creating your life with your spiritual wellness as the focus.

The Chakra Healing and Spiritual Wellness Training is 8-10 months long.  Each Chakra reflects an aspect of our life. As we bring each chakra to wellness we will begin to create the energy of wellness in that area of our lives.  Starting with the 1st chakra and completing at the 8th we will heal one chakra per month working to find our personal wellness vibration and creating goals from our new found wellness energy. If you don’t know much about chakras, this is not a problem, you will learn!

Prerequisites: None. This class series is designed and set up so that a person at any level of training can take it.

Product Description

Spiritual Wellness is a dynamic state of being. We recognize that there is a “natural body” and there is a “spiritual body”. In the spirit/body connection we view Wellness as the point where Spirit and Body are in harmonious communication. Wellness is the expression/reflection of the spirit and body being in good present time communication or alignment. The spirit talks to the body through the chakra system, the body responds through the endocrine system and emotions. By clearing the chakras and creating clear intentions, mock-ups and goals at each chakra level we are able to raise the energy in the body to the dynamic vibration of spiritual wellness.

The chakra system, our spiritual nervous system, is sensitive to all kinds of psychic energy. The endocrine system is the messenger, communicating to the mind/body what is happening on a psychic energy level. This “sensitivity” to energy is what makes us psychic. It is also what often takes us out of communication with our own body. Learning to handle the communication between the body and spirit is a journey. Awareness is the key; grounded in the knowledge that everything is energy and using the practice of meditation and awareness tools one can grow to new heights. Limits on our perception of reality and wellness can be released as the energy at each chakra level is cleared, balanced, and validated.

As we create the vibration of spiritual wellness at each chakra level we will re-evaluate, re-align, and re-create our goals for each area in our life. These new and re-aligned goals allow you to bring in your wellness and create your life from that vibration.

If you miss a class, you will be able to listen to the download; of course we love to have you there live!

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