Wellness encompasses the Natural body and the Spiritual body. In the body-spirit connection, wellness is viewed as the point where Spirit and Body are in appropriate communication and alignment.

Sensitivity to energy is what makes us psychic and aware. Often, sensitivity can also take us out of communication with our own body. Learning to navigate the communication between the body and spirit is a journey.

Photo_ideas_for_June_DCM125.tenthings.10_main_mandydisherYou, as a Spirit, communicate to your body through the chakra system and your body responds through the endocrine system and emotions.

The chakra system is our spiritual nervous system and is sensitive to all kinds of psychic energy. The endocrine system is the messenger which communicates to the mind-body what is happening on a psychic energy level.

Each chakra reflects an aspect of your life. Each month you will create wellness and change in that area of your life.

As an example: the 1st chakra contains your information about family, survival, health and security. If you are experiencing difficulty in those areas of your life, you will clear stuck energy in your 1st chakra and reset it to create better health, relaxation, a sense of safety and begin clearing dysfunctional family dynamics and stuck past-life energies.

Discovering your own spiritual wellness and energy alignment is a journey that begins with a 4 month exploration and healing of the chakra system. Set new goals and re-imagine your connection with energy and spirit. To learn more click HERE


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