“What can we gain by sailing to the moon, If we cannot cross the abyss that Separates us from ourselves?” Thomas Merton

by Gary Townsend

I don’t know if it has been the cleaning of my astral cord, further exploration of the astral planes, the total lunar eclipse or the pause before the summer plunge, or a combination of those, but I find myself in kind of a strange space. I know that I’m growing, again.

This week, midway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice has always been a time of celebration; when cooking fires were lit anew, beginning the season when herds of livestock were driven out into summer pastures; the daylight lasts longer and the ground becomes soft enough for planting. Perhaps there are lingering memories of past times?

With all this activity looming, I find myself still, waiting, enjoying the reflection.  The spring has been wound and is about to be sprung, but before leaping into action, bringing a whirlwind of changes, I notice several things happening simultaneously – a springtime anxiousness, open space and a little more time, my mind clearing and a personal re-prioritizing.

Like most, that I talk too, 2014 is flying by. I’ve been busy and consumed.  I’ve kept up on so many projects; I hadn’t had clean laundry or linen in days (just saying).  Seemingly, I can take care of the important stuff, but personal care just hasn’t made the to-do list, until very recently. How might my life line up more closely with what I value? 

The weekend before last, Cody Edner, a teacher of many spiritual training programs, and a teacher’s teacher, took us on a valuable voyage into the astral space.  We discovered, naturally, that this space is different for all of us, each taking away individual meaning. But, the workshop made a lasting impression.  I can feel the switching and realigning that my body and spirit are making, in light of springtime and this new integration. Subtle as the moon changes, my concerns “are” being rearranged.  I found myself waking up early, before the alarm, and well-rested these last few days.  I’ve been reset, washed my laundry and have carefully readdressed my personal desires. What is this shift?

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