Join us for our monthly Third Thursday Meditations or our other monthly meditations. If you are interested in deepening your intuitive meditation skills, check out our other classes, workshops and programs or buy audio from our BUY AUDIO section. Looking forward to meditating with you!

(4 weeks) This 4-week class involves the step-by-step learning of simple and effective meditation techniques that will help you develop and understand your intuitive awareness. As you practice meditating, your intuitive awareness becomes an integral part of your daily experience. The ability to redefine, reclaim and renew your space (spiritual energy system) at any time, […]

Vibrating your energy at abundance is an essential part of using the law of attraction. From the energy level of abundance, anything becomes possible and you can truly begin to create the life you want. ($1.49) Running time: 00:09:21

The first meditation works on blowing roses / creating and destroying as a spirit. The second meditation is on being in present time.$5.00

Like abundance vibrating your energy at gratitude is an essential part using the law of attraction. From the energy level of gratitude you allow the universe to give to you those things you have asked of it. ($1.49)Running time: 00:09:00

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