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In this workshop we will be taking a look at our own inner critic and discovering what it truly is and how to quiet it. How much energy do you spend daily fighting this part of you are just trying to manage it? How much does your own inner critic affect your ability to be […]

Everyone experiences stress at some point in his or her day. This meditation offers a quick and simple way to begin to release some of that stress that can build up. ($0.99)Running time: 00:03:59

You made the physical separation. Now use this step-by-step process to get your energy back. Whether you will have contact with the person again or not. Every relationship is based on energy agreements. They may be karmic agreements from the past or agreements for the future. When we move past a relationship whether it was […]

Relaxation is a great way to release any stress that is being carried in the body in the form of tension. This meditation walks you step-by-step through relaxing all of the major muscles of the body. In the end you will find that as you relax your body, you have relaxed your mind. Ahhh the […]

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