By Cody Edner

A few years ago, I went hiking with my family near Bell Rock, a famous energy vortex in Sedona, Arizona.

We were having a great time on this casual hike, enjoying the warm sun. The kids (three cousins) were about seven years old at the time. As you can imagine, I was busy trying to keep up with all the activity of three young kids and four talkative adults as we walked.

As we came down off Bell Rock and onto the wide path that wraps around it, I noticed a small, elderly Asian woman standing on the trail ahead. She faced Bell Rock and raised her arms up toward it, then circled them around back toward herself. Her hands floated down in front of her face and joined together in front of her heart. Starting from the heart, she again raised her arms toward the energy vortex, bringing the energy from the vortex toward herself once more. She was in a space of energy awareness, meditating rightthere on the path.

Bell Rock is a busy attraction in the early summer, so many people were moving around her. Still, this woman was deeply focused and unconcerned about them.As a longtime meditator and teacher myself, I appreciated the space she was in. Her ability to hold a true meditative state in the midst of all that activity was impressive. As I passed her on the trail, I happened to touch her energy field with mine. In an instant, my energy matched hers and I suddenly became aware of the quiet stillness and peace that can be found in a grounded, aware, meditative space. I was in awe of the clarity and power of her energy field. Clearly, she was a very practiced and capable meditator.

I gave her a knowing nod and continued on with the flow of kids and family, but I was in a vastly different space. The contrast of moving from the noise of everyone else’s energy activity in my energy field to the pure stillness of awakened energy awareness was a great reminder.

That day in Sedona, I was reminded that the practice of meditation helps me to remain an intuitively sensitive and energy-conscious individual in the world. Incredible clarity and stillness is available when one comes into energy awareness. Usually that shift is a slow one that happens gradually as I meditate, not instantly like flipping a switch.

When you are sensitive to psychic energy, it is very easy to be swept away in the noise of everyday activity. Finding your own space and connecting with the stillness, remembering your true nature, is the opportunity that meditation and energy awareness offers.

When your space is filled with psychic noise from everyone else around you, it can be incredibly difficult to hear your intuitive side. Your intuition is found only in the gentle quite stillness of being. We have to take the time to connect with our beingness for that communication to grow and not be drowned out by the noise and demands of the world.

Meditating with energy awareness tools is one of the best ways to nurture, validate, and grow your intuitive awareness.

Intuitive Vision offers live classes, individual guidance, and audio programs to help you  on your journey to higher intuitive awareness, no matter where you might be along the path.

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